Bikram shrestha

Bikram shrestha
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I Am the freelance article writer as i write in many article directory
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In our daily life we need many things,which we an fulfill from only money.Money is that thing which helps to live our life successfully.If we have lot money we can do everything but if we haven't it is too difficult to us.
In Nepal everyone knows that where the Ratna-Park is.To know Dakshainkali everybody have to know where Ratna-park is located.Ratna-park is located in the middle part of the Kathmandu City nearby Thamel,Sundhara,Ghantaghar.There is one old Bus-park.From the Bus-park there goes one bus ...
Once in their lifetime, every person should journey to a place where legends live, where everything is bigger than life. Everest has always represented nature at its most powerful, most awe-inspiring, most unconquerable.
In our life there are three steps.they are, (Teenagers) & old.In the first step in our life that is to born & live their life very innocently.they didn't know what is life & what I have to do in my this period they are child and they need to depend in others.
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