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I am me, My passions in life are 1) Dj'ing, that is one thing that I love to do, I love to make people feel good, I love to make people happy. 2) Writing, this is something that I have done since I was a child, I have a story to tell and I do my best to tell it. 3) Singing, I love to sing, anyone that knows me knows that I sing all the time. lol I never said that I am good at it. 4) My animals, I have four cats, a dog and a snake, and anyone messes with any of them have a bad day coming. My animals are my children.

My pourpos in life is to help people the best way I can. I am a person that has been through it, and survived. Now it is my turn to show others that it can be done. I do not know a stranger, I talk to everyone, I joke around a lot, just to make people laugh, hey, if they can't laugh at themselves, they can laugh at me, after all, laughter is the best medicine. And yes, I am just as crazy in real life as I am on the air and on the net. But I do have a serious side of me too. It's just for some, it is hard for them to tell them apart.

I love my family dearly, what is left of them. My Sister and Brother, Aunts, they are all very special to me. Family knows all about you and still accepts you for who you are. And that means the world to me. And it hurts like hell when one of them leave this world to go to be with God. But, I do know that one day, I will see them again, and that is what makes it not hurt so bad.

There have been many people that have inspired me throughout my life, but the one that inspired me the most was my Mom. She was not only my Mom, but she was my best friend. There was nothing that I couldn't talk to my Mom about. I do miss her so much. She went to be with God five years ago, and I still miss her. But the thing is, when I miss her the most is when I can feel her around me and I can hear her soft voice in my heart talking to me and saying...."Tazy you brat, I taught you better!!" lol Yup, gotta love good ole Mom! I miss you Mommy!!
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So many times we get wrapped up in so many things that we lose track of our dreams, our desires, our wants, and we seem like we are sinking, and we get to the point of giving up. And as hard as things get sometimes, we can't lose track of what we set out to do in the first place. If w...
Everyone that writes gets their inspiration from somewhere. We all have people in our lives that inspire us, that give us the motivation that we need to make it. We all have hurdles to go over, mountains to climb. But with the right inspiration, we can do it.
We all have things in our lives that we have to deal with, and it is how we deal with those situations that either make us or break us. Each and everyday for most is a learning experience, we find different ways to deal with everything that life throws our way.
What happens when people are trained to help people out medically turn their backs on those in need and choose to turn a blind eye to the situation at hand
I was not able to have children of my own and that made me feel less of a woman, I was so down on myself I was actually asking myself what was my reason for even being alive, When you actually sit and wonder these things, and think about what all you have done, the answer comes to you...
You see ads that claim "work at home, the lazy way" or something of the sorts all the time, but is it fair that people that do go out and work everyday and do their jobs then come home and do not think about it again till the next day tag those that try to make ends meet or replace th...
This is the first letter to God in a series, it has to deal with everyday issues that people go through. It will give insight on many different issues. Keep reading for more.
The way to government is today when it comes to children, the children have more authority then what is realized, do they know how to deal with this authority? At the age of fourteen, this girl didn't, and look where it got her.
I was not looking for love, but somehow it found me, I was not used to being treated good, and loved, but you showed me that it is possible, even for me. I am glad that you walked into my life.
A short story on love, love lost, Feelings and what can happen and what did happen
The economy these days, is rough on so many. There has always been a problem with Homelessness, but the way things are going, there are so many more homeless people in the world today than there ever was. And due to the economy today, there is a better understanding of the situation, ...
Your parents are divorced, and both remarried, you are the only child between the two, you have step brothers and sisters, but none that are full. What happens to the family after both parents are no longer alive, how is the "only child" supposed to feel?
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