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I like to write about anything...trough writing i express who I am
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Second-hand gifts. Would you appreciate it?.........
Kids these days really shock me...and it makes me wonder what's this society going to become
Happiness is the ability to leave your past behind and look forward towards the future.
Marriage should be a life commitment that you willingly take to be faithful to the other person....
There are moments in life when you would love to have a camera with you..........
Kant said that you can see a man's heart trough the way he treats animals
The word frustrated became so commonly used that it defines most of what we are
There are a few things I believe in...and I still hope there are people who can do something for this world...people who can change things for good
I've had numerous bad experiences when it comes to love...but all of those me took me to one conclusion: we're the ones responsable for our happiness
I'm so sick and tired of trying to find true love...I give up because I've had enough
Regret is a thing that I get to feel many times...but I got to the conclusion that we should do something to chase it away
Feels hard for me to admit it but at the same time I want to shout it as loud as I can
for some reason I seem to get emotionally atached to people who don't deserve a thing.
I found a saying on the internet: collect moments not things. Well I don't totally agree with that
I can't imagine something more painful than this. I don't want to think about the day that one of them isn't going to be here with me
why would you let your child use make-up? or even worse make him use it
The past can't be I shall do something about my future
you don't need to shout you're happy...I can read it on your face
I love my mother for all the obvious reasons...aldo we had our differences somehow we managed to leave them behin
I'm tired of love...I'm tired of loving the wrong people better said. I'm tired of lies and playing stupid games
feels so good to know you have someone there for you unconditionally......
don't get into this if you're already aware of the fact that he is emotionally unavailable
I've been trough alot....but somehow I managed to stay strong. How? don't ask
I miss feeling in love again...but most of all I miss being loved back..............
the reasons why women want to lose weight are of them is the fear to expose their arms.
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