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I take life as it comes.

So what's so special in that?
Every one is bound to do that!!!

Well! I take it positively.
I can see optimism in almost e'thing.

very much keen to learn new things!
A die-hard optimist!
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Recent pages by KBS

We all wear masks don’t we? Sometimes to hide from others… Sometimes to hide our deepest desires from ourselves… Sometimes to create a fake world around ourselves… And sometimes to just LIVE as we are used to live with the masks……
In todays' Era... This poem is practically applicable to one and all. Everyone is too busy for gaining the success that they never loose the momentum the pace of their lives to enjoy what they have achieved already. They are moving from one success to another but are they really getti...
This is the feeling most of us had some time or the other in life. When we question ourselves that was our victory worth enough our sacrifices? Was it a right step to put ourselves and our goals above everything??? But generally when we ask ourselves this question, its already too la...
Everyone dreams… What is new about it??? Everyone knows how it feels when dream shatters… But what if your entire life revolves about a single DREAM… What if that DREAM shatters your entire life??? Just an experience from mah heart…….
What is the root cause of unhappiness??? Why should we not expect when we do something for others??? Why should we be happy by spreading smiles??? Read it feel mah point and help me in discovering the ultimate Happiness in sacrifice...
Is loving someone a crime? Or trusting someone more than anything your fault? These questions have been asked again and again. These are in fact explained and answered gain and again. So what’s new here? Nothing I guess. Or everything is new in itself. Just read it once and tell me ...
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