Crimson Butterfly

Crimson Butterfly
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I have a broad spectrum when it comes to areas of interests I enjoy writing about but predominantly my main loves are gaming and fantasy. It's even better when I can combine the two!
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A look back on my experience as a female gamer growing up in a male dominated world and my perception of things today.
In this article I endeavor to try to try and unravel the black lacey veil draped over the role-play genre known as ERP (Erotic Role-play). It has been a sore point and topic of much contention for years and we are still no closer to any definitive conclusion as to its merits in the ho...
In this article I explore the age old arguement of Stats Vs Looks in all aspects of RPG's. Why do we feel the need to have avatars aesthetically pleasing to ourselves? How do we solve the problem? In fact, should we even have the right to make such a demand?
A quick look into my feelings as to why I, and possibly other gamers, have become disenchanted with the MMORPG genre and the nature of this complex beast.
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