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Neha Dwivedi
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Hello people ! I am a student whose aim is to become a professional writer .I love writing all kinds of stuff but what interests me the most is poetry . Hope you all enjoy my writing (Neha Dwivedi )
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Have you ever wondered how few dreams can change your life.
Hello friends ! i am back after a very long break. Speaking frankly i missed you all a lot . I guess i have missed wonderful pieces of art . I am going to make sure that i am a regular reader of your articles and poems .
We all love our life than why is that our heart sometimes cries to be carried away from this world.Why is that the pain tends to become an intimate part of our body which refuses to leave until subdued .
Why is that your heart sometimes becomes so demanding and tends to trouble you for making its wishes come true. Why on the earth does it not realize that impossible things can never come true ....
I don't really know what made me write this poetry, perhaps nature's beauty ,a lovers love or something else.
The following song is nuisance in the name of English but has its own sense of style ,,, within no time it gained lakhs of likes on various social networking sites....
Its a known fact that life is a race and if you are not a part of this race you are bound to be disqualified . Many in fear of getting disqualified ceed before getting into the race itself...
It is nothing but common for we middle class Indians to travel in trains but many do not know that these trains have many love stories hidden inside them and such is the story of Pia and Abhay .
Human life is very small and unpredictable for sure .sometimes it really gets difficult to handle life's surprises...
Certain feelings can really be much ever you try to ignore them, they tend to get back to you !
fear, fear, oh dear blubbering out in the form of tears !
My heart pains when i see people struggling for food hunger forcing them to do what they should not do ! crime!
There is a little boy inside the man who is my brother ... Oh, how I hated that little boy. And how I love him too. - Anna Quindlan
Everybody at some stage of his or her life goes through a phase when they find everything confused because of this very person.
The thought of losing you brings out tear causing the kind pain which i might not be able to bear!
One can forget anything in his life but not his or her days at school . This poetry of mine is dedicated to all those people who miss their school days!
India is a country where people from all over the world come in search of sprituality and Moksha and one such city is kashi or Varanasi as it is now called.
I do not understand why these questions pop up again and again in my mind....
Well i have written this poetry after listening to a huge lecture given to me by my dear mom on the topic food....i know it is a bit silly but hope you all like it.
some choices of life can be disturbing especially when you cannot reject them and are forced to continue with it.....
This story of mine is about a man who in spite of going through various hardships came out with flying colors in life....
I was just sitting on my couch having coffee when 100's of questions started pondering in my mind which left me wondering why???
There are places where people don't get rain for days.Here in this poem i have tried to describe the emotions of a girl who is longing for rain.
There are times when we all go through the hell experience of choosing between two of our most crucial organs - the mind and the heart.
I never thought of writing poems but then life persuades you to do what you never thought of doing....
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