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Leftwriter is a poet and flash fiction writer with some published articles under her belt and who occasionally dabbles in other forms of writing as well. She currently lives with her children and dog in Cricket Hollow, Ohio.
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Recent pages by leftwriter

Feeling the bittersweet end of innocence approach as my son and I spend a summer evening together.
A guide to mastering the art of drunk-writing, or writing while inebriated. You too can write like famous drunk-writers!
Reflecting on the cruel relentlessness of chronic illness and how it affects not only the sufferers but also their loved ones.
On a budget or just want to give the grandparents a more personalized gift this year? Here are some great craft ideas for you and your kids!
A reflection on genetic inheritance and the nature of familial identity.
The convoluted and slightly entertaining origins of Grandparents Day in the United States.
Girls, envious of your buxom friends? Read on to remind yourself why you are perfect as you are!
Is your child ready for kindergarten? Make sure her motor skills are!
What happened to Flight 19, and can what we find out about it shed any light on the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle?
A girl holds a private wake for her grandmother, which leads to a bittersweet awakening.
Expressing the strength and metaphysical nature of the twin bond.
A girl studies the hands of her mother and wonders if she will be like her one day.
A spousal caregiver reflects on the modified vows they have consciously or unconsciously made.
They have endured the unimaginable, or are still living in it...but at night, this mother still sings comfort to her child.
A young Jewish mother wonders at the strange and miraculous turn her life has taken.
A single mother lets go of her old body image and learns to love her new self.
Survivors recount their near-death experiences (literal or figurative), and celebrate their collective strength and life.
A private school girl discovers her love of e. e. cummings' poetry, different from the prim rhymed & metered poetry she has come to expect from her curriculum.
Have oily skin and desperately want to improve its appearance with makeup? You've come to the right article: read on!
Have bad skin and want a great, inexpensive facial mask? You probably have it in your refrigerator right now!
An unexpected glimpse of wildlife when I'm driving, and suddenly I'm an accidental tourist.
How DO you decide what to name a new pet? Take a look at your naming style and discover the best choice for you.
At the heart of the eternal Superman vs. Batman debate is an oddly simple question, and if you look hard enough at it, it may challenge the answer you thought you knew...
A poem looking at raw, honest feelings toward God.
Poetic musings from the perspective of the baby of the family.
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