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Word, or words make up and unmake things in life. Everything we see and don't see.
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Poetry from everyday living experinces of this author.
The mind is where it has to register- change and from there on, it's a breeze. My poetry seeks to challene people to thinking, making them to be able to utilize their mental capacity in order to achieve what they could, within the shortest period of time.
Everyone has experienced either good or terrible customer service. Certainly, the latter is not a pleasant experience. Businesses today seem not to be caring so much about how customers feel about their services and products, all they need is their customers money.
In the 2012 election race Tod Atkins a Republican representative in Missouri enraged many people, women especially when he was asked what his thoughts were on the legitimacy of abortion of raped women and he responded saying that raped women did not get pregnant.
The Accounting Equation is the basis of proper record keeping in any business that seeks to report to its owner and stakeholder correctly. It is the essential part of the whole understanding of the functioning of the Accounting discipline.
The economy was bad, prices drove up, money lost value by the second. This is a description of the experiences of people during the time of hyperinflation until it was over.
This is a view on our daily living based on Scripture. It helps shape our attitudes towards things and situations in our lives.
Life is poetry, its full of imagery. Life is when we are living and giving.
The economy of Zimbabwe, Indigenized is striving to get back on its feet with little foreign capital investment. The entrepreneurial capacity of local people is indicative of better things for this usually looked down upon economically Southern African country. I shall put up opportun...
President Solo campaigns and wins the election in his country, a Southern African country of Zimbabwe. He then goes Solo to establish himself and consolidate his power. It is a hilarious story filled with ups and downs that gives the reader a glimpse into the life of basically a pres...
This is a page for things to do and be in life, opinionated writings which however reflect just but my thoughts and contributions to mankind.
This is just a collection of short stories based on reality and fiction.
A look at the functional elements of modern democracy, general and specific examples as well as opinions of me and other people.
My view of modern day working lives and a comparison of that to olden days' Feudal existence.
Doing business is hard and at the same time easy. The thin line that separates them lies in the decisions of the business owner much of the time and to make it or not also depends on external factors most of which can be controlled. This page analyses some of the factors affecting eve...
This is where poetry dwells, living moving poetry that will take you all over the place! Enjoy while you may, words words, words.
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