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An open-minded engineer who writes about wide array of topics, such as general interests about life, business, news, art, religion, and anything under the sun.
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Recent pages by LinVio

There's more to it in life than just work, work and work.
The patterns are the same. Rich people or poor people, the difference is how they their minds work.
There are timeless tools we can explore to make our communication more powerful.
After Haiyan, is there going to be another storm to hit the Philippines?
Bridging generation gap. It is not a matter of which generation is superior than the other but understanding how both meet at a certain level where they could work in perfect harmony.
Dreaming of snakes can mean something, but it still depends on how the dreamer experiences it.
Washing the after party dishes can be as fun as the party.
Let me share some things I find very effective to shoo stress away.
I was watching TV and was inspired at what I saw from the advertisements. I noticed that in every product, there are always 2 most dominating brands or names.
These are my blogs with the highest income returns.
Why suffer is there are ways to enjoy your travel.
We can never afford to be complacent these days…. No one is safe!
10 most essential things you should have in your bag when travelling.
Whether we like it or not, time will come when we get the chance to speak in front of a crowd. Read more:
These are five easy steps to conquer your own clutter.
Aside from money which is of course the most important stuff to bring, here are my top ten must-haves when traveling:
Just by knowing the basic beeping sounds from the computer, you save a lot of money.
Look around you and you will realize you are more blessed than what you think.
Let’s list some of the activities we waste time in the internet.
This is based from Dan Gookin’s 2004 edition of “Buying a Computer for Dummies”
Somehow my hard work paid off, my prayers were answered and some lucky stars favoured my side.
There are many ways to earn money online. Here are 5 of them and their specific samples:
Common habits that we know are bad but we love to commit.
Come on, let’s accept it! Your boss can sometimes be annoying.
It sounds so easy but it takes a lot of effort and guts to befriend a boss.
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