Shane Gibson

Shane Gibson
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I am young and enjoy to write and express myself and my feelings. I am from the UK little town called Grimsby and currently a bar manager
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poem for my baby boy who i am trying to raise money for a school which tackles anit-bullying as he passed away due to being bullied
funny story based an a life experience about me and my misses and are crazy life we lead
this is a poem based on what i believe to be my own true reality from the heart. I isnt a sad poem more a poem on questions in life to make the mind think.
Just about being noticed and someone to be able to shine through the dark and to be seen for the star you are
Its a short poem about my son alfie who i lost a few months ago. I wrote it to get it of my chest and thought it would be good for others to read and help them through hard times.
Its about when i was younger and i was made to watch a film called whatever happen to baby jane and the old women scared me for life so this is my story lol
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