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Happyridge Creations
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I am a mother to 5, grandmother to 11 and great-grandmother to 3. Homemaking, crocheting, home schooling, Ebay, Church, children are a few of my interests
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Some of the funnies thing can happen at the most unusual places......
Have you ever started doing a craft or project and all of a sudden loose the instrument you are working with?
After the 2 grandsons reached Junior High they didn't want me to change the "kiddish" decor that I had made when they were in preschool and first grade.
Oh, the joys of having hubby bring home that wild turkey for you to cook....well, now you can cook all of it and be able to eat it too.
I cannot thank and praise God enough for sending His Son to be my Saviour and the Saviour of the world!!!
Have you ever wondered about that dash(-) between the dates of a person's birth and death?
Selling Craft Patterns On Ebay Is An Easy Way to Make Spending Money. Here's how to do it.
How NOT to put your duel-control electric blanket on the bed
Using the Correct Homophones to Improve Writing Skills
My search for crochet patterns leads me to an Ebay store.
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