Mike Robbers

Mike Robbers
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Freelance Writer. I enjoy writing about pop culture, travel experiences and everything that makes our lives more beautiful.
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Recent pages by Mike Robbers

Let’s just reconsider few of our daily activities that can make our days healthier, happier and more enjoyable!
We have all been there so here are a few tips concerning the difficult day that usually follows after Saturday night fever.
In this short text I present a few of the most interesting festivals that will take place in the coming month around Spain.
A few words about the history of cruise ships and the joy they can offer till today...
It is always nice when you travel but it is even better when comfort becomes part of the travelling. Find out five airports that will make your waiting at the airport worth it!
Here I present you five water parks around the world where you can have endless fun along with your kids... Enjoy!
Florida might be famous for hosting some of the world's best theme and amusement parks but there are many choices in Europe as well. Here, I offer a short guide on some of Europe's most renowned theme parks.
A story about making money and living a good life and the story of business continuity in today's new challenging environments...
Learn how to save water in your bathroom and help towards a more sustainable future... It's all up to us!
To play is to enjoy life fully. The Alton Towers Theme Park in the United Kingdom is where you want to be with your kids.
Do you know who is Mickey Mouse? You must have surely heard of Mickey Mouse! Yes, indeed, Mickey Mouse is one of the most successful and long standing characters in the history of entertainment. Walter Elias “Walt” Disney along with Ubbe Eert “Ub” Iwerks brought Mickey to life...
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