Fleur D

Fleur D
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Domestic engineer, mother, wife, writer, aspiring novelist, over 7 years of experience in education/training, and I enjoy writing online.
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Tips on how to prepare if you need to have a second c-section
Foods that help prevent constipation and foods that cause it.
A review of the Food Network channel's Cupcake Wars: what is it? Who's the host? What is it all about? Who competes and what is the prize for the winning baker.
Basic definition of what a prefecture in Japan is. Ever since the horrific tsunami and earthquake have rocked Japan, I have heard over and over again about prefectures in the newspaper and on-line. The only problem is that no one explains what these are : major metro areas or smaller ...
A mother's job is comprised of many jobs that most kids do not think about. The lack of appreciation of mothers everywhere including my own mother is a problem I hope to correct. It is part testimony of the mistake I made with my mother by not appreciating all the hard work she did ju...
A comprehensive list of ideas of where to go get inspiration to write ideas for articles, poems, short stories, and novels when you no longer can think of any. Ideas are everywhere. So if you are stumped, then here are a few things you can do to get your writing flowing again.
A Book Review on a helpful book on what men would like their wives to do or not do.
A helpful tip for expecting mothers to prevent stretch marks. This is my testimony of how it worked for my first pregnancy.
A quick list of ideas I have used in my life that I wanted to share with others.
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