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U.S. builds a massive surveillance apparatus at crackdown privacy oriented world, said the American journalist Glenn Greenwald, phone monitoring in the country denounced last week.
The mammoth can be restored in about 30 or 50 years, "not now." This is the view of Professor Hendrik Poinar of McMaster University in Canada, "almost completely" have the reports drawn mapping the genome of the woolly mammoth.
U.S. scientists are trying to genetically modify plant snuff for fuel in order to reduce costs. A team from the University of Berkeley just started the experiments.
The National Administration of Drugs, Food and Medical Technology of Argentina has approved the first therapeutic vaccine against lung cancer. It will be available in July.
A starfish have begun to infect the ecosystem of a water channel in the Philippines, known for its coral reefs and diverse marine species in the world, warned Philippine authorities said on Friday.
A U.S. federal judge ruled that Google must comply with the requirements provide no warrant of arrest by the FBI on Secret Service Users confidential data.
Little Sarah Murnaghan, Philadelphia, suffers from cystic fibrosis and can die from the transplant law. Since the girl is 10 and available compatible organs in patients transplanted older before her.
Recent research shows that the majority of studies in cancer research are inaccurate and possibly even fraudulent.
Lyon's police discovered a Georgian citizen participation in about 80 burglaries in the city of Lyon, France, in the footsteps of his ear.
It have brought about 20 samples with samples of moon dust from Apollo 11 to earth satellite in an old warehouse in California, USA, has been found after 43 years without knowing his whereabouts.
A group of Mexican scientists look at a large collection of non-toxic poisons all the components to create a nonhormonal male contraceptive, reversible and without side effects.
A British citizen, he drank three liters of cola a day died from complications in the lungs, according to several doctors have announced.
Scientists at the University of California, USA, say that cinnamon could serve as an effective tool against dementia.
Astronomers of the European Southern Observatory (ESO, for its acronym in English) have an object approaching the solar system from the Oort cloud mystery observed Universe Today reports portal.
Researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital, USA, in collaboration with scientists from various countries have a universal vaccine developed save humanity from serious diseases such as malaria or tuberculosis.The "target" of the vaccine is the PNAG polysaccharide, which is found in th...
If you are a woman with a tattoo seem rather have sex with men on the first date, you are considered attractive and user, according to a group of French researchers.
By studying the properties of the Higgs boson, Russian scientists concluded that the so-called "God particle" is actually capable of destroying the entire universe.
Facebook has begun today to check mimics the identity of the famous social networking sites in a blue LED next to the name of the personality, a system that one that works on Twitter since June 2009.
A government commission has proposed a "wall of ice" to build the leakage of radioactive water from the pools of nuclear reactors at Fukushima-1 contain the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO).
The surgeon uses a micro-incision, which maintains the ocular surface and eliminates the risks associated with Lasik, and the fragility of the cornea to impact and friction and dry eyes.
In the center of the controversy between Fox and Marvel because of the X-Men mutants that may appear on "The Avengers 2", now joins the party Hugh Jackman.
Microsoft, through its executives and Don Mattrick Phil Spencer plans to invest at least one billion U.S. dollars revealed in the creation of new games for Xbox One, the new console at home.
The e-mail service from Google, Gmail, presented on Wednesday a redesign of your inbox.
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