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I am a single mom, a registered nurse by profession but now have my own small business. I love to cook, love dogs and I love to blog about almost anything.
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The experiences and the people I met here on Wikinut. The reason i joined and still hoping to reach my first payout.
Want to share the rich culture of my hometown of Miagao in the Philippines especially the weaved cloth and tourists spots
how to make healthy citrus drink to help loose weight and blood sugar
Just a peek at a few of the things I love, some of my favorite things that make me smile and feel happy, especially when you are sad.
a review of a Filipino restaurant in Iloilo City in the middle of a night life area. And a mini reunion of high school classmates.
This is about all the good people I met here on Wikinut and how they have been my inspirations
These are the rose petals found after my uncles death
May is the month of flowers here in my country, the time where we honor our Lady, the Mother Mary as her month. Children offer flowers to the statue every day in this month
Delayed post about how we celebrated our Easter with an Easter Egg Hunt for the children less privileged and a snack after.
Seeing so many accidents most of them major happening all over the world...Wondering why the owners of the bus lines, airlines and ships do not improve their company.
To keep looking young and feeling good we sometimes have to pamper ourselves with beauty regiments. Male or female we all deserve it.
My attempt to place my feelings in poetry and rhyme
To show that singers comes in different size, shapes, colors, genders and even religion.
Some tips on how to budget your spending to save money.
My youngest brother occasionally sends us a box commonly known as a Balikbayan (back to country) box. Here is some of its contents
Short story about how I got Bambam and her growing up till she is almost 5 month
trying to get ideas for a good brand for a laptop and affordable
reason why sometimes I can not make a post some days
My family was informed that our uncle my mother's eldest brother is being primed for sainthood. Gives us mixed feelings. :)
Another nephew who is a songwriter and singer. Also a musician because he plays the guitar and piano. Makes me feel proud.
Showcase of some of my Cross stitch projects, from small to medium size
Just want to introduce my nephew a well know singer and some of the songs he sang and achievements.
The reason why I became a blogger and how it started and other online work
The last but maybe not the last of my collections, the ones that I am still collecting. Hope i get more.
More on my other collections that I have. Will probably be a 3 part series :)
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