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Jay-en Poems
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I have many fruitful hobbies e.g. Paintings, Art, writing poems in Hindi & English, stories, thoughts on various objects concerned with social, national, political & other.
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A wishful thought I learnt in time It never begins nor ends any where. We all are children of a fate That time usurps and we forbear.
Wanting not in courage or skill, I steer myself in the unknown chasm, A labyrinth full of bends and bars A resolute will and no spasm.
Life seems to have been eroding in minor pursuit which are trying and at the same time, exacting. Things do not come to me in an easy or matter in course way. More often dogged and persistent effort is required to be made even for a minor gain which under the existing circumstances is...
A smart, attractive and inviting feature Before the metamorphosis happened. And thus brought about the doom of things, Now I am leading a vegetating life Awaiting the end of my self as is the custom of the world!
With all the crudeness, roughness and ruthlessness that its appearance manifests, the locomotive symbolizes a grandeur of strength with high degree of sensibility.
Not having much of inquisitiveness in this regard nor any leaning towards the spiritual, I let these impressions about gods and goddesses slip behind my unconscious mind without indulging in empty deliberations about their ultimate utility in life. Since my early childhood, in the for...
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