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Author is retired and a homebody and loves reading, writing, playing the piano and the guitar.
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I am writing this while the tempest is crashing against the gates of my imagination.
Can we poke fun on our own "death," as we mortals call it? It's just an interlude of rest and life continues.
It's been some time since I last posted an article on Wikinut. What follows is a poem that came out of me haphazardly.
Sharing my free-fall of thoughts. "My words fly up, my thoughts remain below..." - Hamlet (III, iii, 100-103)
It is worth traveling through space and time alone, away from Andromeda to revisit friends and my world.
Missing Steve Kinsman. Where is he? A brave heart of a moderator where others few are not.
What is it like to get enmeshed with highly-evolved people? I will explain on this article.
I would just like to share my thoughts alone with people I love and cherish.
Love is not to be restricted. Love blossoms naturally among the souls in the stars and paradise.
"Highly evolved people have their own conscience as pure law." Lao Tzuu
For the benefit of those who are not familiar with the "Akashic Records" it is the same as what every Christian knows, as "The Book Of Life". Has your past family searched for you as much as you have for them?
I once vehemently fought for my religion and respect others'. But there is a time as in Ecclesiastes: There is a season to hold tight and have "faith", and a season, or time, to disengage once one gets to know the ultimate reality. No one, the contented few, will believe, I know, ...
New concept? Those introducing something new will be crucified like always. Heaven vs Spaceships up there in your normal night skies as against our escape route to the paradisaical universal home? Give me a break, you say? Yes, I will meet Galileo there and I will relay his hello...
Can anyone disprove the statement that what the Bible says, or all of the texts contained therein, are NOT true? The fact is, our own world does not have the monopoly on truths as our earth is just a fraction of a dot illuminating the vast expanse of the whole universe.
This poem is dedicated to all who care to feel and then listen to the throbbing of their intuition.
No, the people not only persecuted the prophets of old. They killed them and will do the same thing again in modern times.
There's nothing more sacred than opening our eyes to the truth and not be forever blinded by those who have deceived us for so long since we were born into this world and who, by not heeding their version of the "truth," will always cast our reasoning as "the work of the devil."
Readers not ready to read a new concept articulated in my poetry as opposed to their traditional grasp of religion, even philosophy, are advised to skip reading my page.
Regardless of race, religion, or creed, custom, culture, traditions, we all go home to the self-same source.
I would merely want to introduce to Wikinut a new writer and to a wider audience. She is not just a writer. She's a telepath i.e. chosen to receive true knowledge from the "starships" of our highly-evolved forefathers who have been watching over us since time immemorial.
There was once a vibrant Wikinut Community composed of people that had come and gone leaving behind only very few who remain a cluster bound by love and friendship with the thought of renewed kinship and bond in the years ahead.
We won't ever know when and where love ends and begins. What is assured is we will always be together.
I soar to the sky, the earth ebbing away. My world is falling apart and I am glad to be home again into another world, confines in which one cannot be shelved too soon.
I would like to pay tribute to a very prominent star and distinguished writer of Wikinut. She's an all rounder. See her profile page. She's a dearest friend I love!
My relentless attacks on Wikinut, my mother site, have finally boomeranged on me, a prodigal son.
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