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I am 18 years old, and I absolutely love to write. I really could just write about everything, but personal issues and experiences are easiest for me.
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A song about the highs and lows all being a part of life
A song about wanting to be there for anyone who needs it, specifically a significant other
A song about feeling what others are feeling and wanting to help them
A review of Relient K's album "Forget And Not Slow Down"
A problem I see a lot in the lives of many people striving to live life according to God's will.
A song for a friend in need of a little peace and comfort
My poetical feelings about my own feelings and how I wish to be understood
The story of a man who never asked for anything, but recieved it all
a song about friends who mmay have let go earlier than expected
Finally getting to see a loved one after being away from them for so long and not knowing how to express how happy you truly are.
Wanting to spend time with that special someone forever
My poetical letter to people around me and life in general
Sometimes I think as girls we can get so caught up in our feelings toward some boy that we put a little too much pressure on him to make a decision as to whether or not he shoud ask us out...
Sometimes loving someone means removing yourself from the picture...
This is a song/poem about a girl who wished that someone would write a song for her...
A poetical story of a boy who finds God in his pain
For all those times you feel down and out and need a pick-me-up...
The feelings one gets when meeting that one special person...
Lyrics that came to me while I was looking at my hands one day and realized I needed lotion...
For whatever reason I experienced a lyric-writing kick for a good five months. This first one came to me whie I was at work, which is odd because nothing I do at work could possibly be related to what I'm speaking about in this song...
Whether in a dating relationship or simply just a friend-to-friend relationship, I know we've all expreienced this. These are my thoughts.
Of all of the things we consider a waste of time, hating someone or something has to take the cake...
An encounter which I met with a few months ago that made me stop to think. Let's just say, I never thought it would happen to me, or anyone I knew...
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