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18, Male, Student, Australia.
I mainly write about:
- Loss
- Love
- Death
- Metaphor
- Mind
- Conscience
- Meaning
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Recent pages by danielf

The title says it all. A poem about yearning, guilt, regret and hope.
One of my first poems, and probably still one of my favourite ones. Regards love, family, relationships and death/suicide.
Two moderate-length poems. First about the anxieties of relationships in social media and the second a poem that I did actually originally write in a leather-bound book.
I have never purposely written a poem that rhymes before because I think they are a little simple but the start of this poem just began rhyming in my head so I thought I should continue it for the duration of the poem.
A few of my shorter poems plus the first Haiku I've ever written. The actual Haiku contains wordplay with the title of it for those who are confused about why it ends how it does.
Some moderate-length poems including the first poem I ever put to paper: "Moving On".
Two poems I wrote recently. The former title of the second poem was the original title as I was having trouble finding the right words at the time.
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