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am a full-time mom to two gorgeous boys. I spend most of my spare time in between my mommy and wifey jobs doing online stuff which includes writing.
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A couple of haiku's I've written on various topics. This batch involves haiku about my parents, breastfeeding, resentment and gluttony. Hope you find time reading these short poetry.
NAIA being named as Asia's Worst Airport is another blow to our tourism industry. Is it just for people to brand our airport as one of the worst in the world? Please read through the article as I share to you my personal experience and piece of thought regarding this.
Since it’s the first of June, I find it apt to write an entry about customizing your dream weddings within the bounds of reality.
Tired of carrying or running after your hyper active toddler while malling or strolling around? Read this entry and see how we did resolve this problem.
I am a Fish. A typical Piscean. For a time, I braved the ocean alone until I finally met that person who vowed to stay by me as I continue my life’s journey.
A poem which speaks most of the WHYs in our lives, the questions and the irony of it.
The article was written to help those who will be flying alone with a toddler. The Author included some tips to be followed on how to survive a relatively comfortable and less hassle flight based on her personal experience.
An article on the necessity of using backpack harness to keep your toddler/baby safe and always in tow as per my personal experience.
Coraline is a fantasy/horror novel written by Niel Gaiman which was made into a stop-motion 3D fantasy children’s film in 2009. It is a bit strange and creepy unlike your usual kiddie animation. Both the kids and adults will enjoy watching it. It has been my son’s favorite movie ...
I have once read this list of “tips for girls with regards to relationship” long time ago, in one of my friend’s bulletin at Friendster. Out of boredom, I have jotted down my thoughts regarding them and came up with this that I might as well share to you.
A poem regarding disappointments, broken friendships and burning bridges.
A poem about crying as an outlet/expression of how the Author feels.
A poem about the bond I have made with my mom and my 2 sons.
This review about MyLot was written on the 14th of April 2011. To-date, the author has already received her first ever online payment from MyLot and is her way to accumulating the minimum payout to receive her second payment through PayPal.
Thoughts regarding the Author's recurring bout against Seafood Allergy.
An article on why the author questions Readbud’s legitimacy as a "read to get paid site".
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