Mayuri Karnik

Mayuri Karnik
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I am good at writing articles and wants to share my views throughout the world.
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This page would work like a guideline for guys in a troubled relationship and help the guys understand what a girl really wants.
There is a time when you can't actually come up with something to write in particular but you still wanna write so you just start writing without even thinking and suddenly you get which is worth to put on the net. This article is one of this types. Read on to know more....
Grandparents....They add a meaning to our life. They are always there when we need them. This article is dedicated to all the grandparents in this world.
Now-a-days we are so used to the speed of our life that we are unable to tolerate if that speed slows down even a bit. This is a humorous example of how we get desperate in just 5 minutes....
Everyone goes through ups and downs in their life but we have to move on and see what we have next in the store for us. So, this is just the poetry about life.
In this competitive world there won't be a single person who wouldn't be having stress. But, if teenagers had supportive parents wouldn't their stress become a bit less??? Here comes the description of stress for teenagers by teenager.
Does teenage love last for ever??? Are high school sweethearts mean to be together for ever??
Who is at fault....Parents or teenagers??? lets find out....
Love! A thing which can be just felt and expressed but you cannot see it. Falling in love is something like magic. Through this article I want to tell everyone about the feeling called Love....
The difference between like, love and lust can be understood in this page.
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