Ankur Rawat

Ankur Rawat
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Passionate learner and internet marketer.
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Hotmail was the first big thing for people to discover what being online could do. It brought free Web-based email to the people and it empowered users to exchange much more than just text and words.
With Gmail coming in and rewriting the rules, Microsoft responded with monotonously offering regular patchy add-ons that eventually made Hotmail a very hot mess.
Working continuously for long hours moreover in front of computer used to exhaust you. Our body is always in seeking of small things which help to boost the energy level.
With many more women driving, the market is shifting towards gearless and light scooters that are easier to handle.
Apple of any color is very healthy for effective functioning of body but green apples have some unique health benefits. Let's learn more about it in this article.
Childhood obesity may damage overall health - it could be disrupting the onset of puberty and erode the ability to reproduce, especially in females, according to a study.
The benefits of lime proved very much. Besides it can be used as a food flavoring or beverage maker. Orange juice is also effective for use as a natural skin whitener.
What is the ultimate goal of life? To be happy. In today's time we are getting so much busy with the lifestyle that we forget to be happy and forget to spend time with those who care for us.
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