Francie Lynch

Francie Lynch
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Born in County Monaghan, Ireland. Emigrated with family to Canada. Taught school for my career. Presently retired.
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As usual, the young kids are sent to bed and the fun begins for the adults. We'd listen in through the heating grate. We were always checked on.
An evaluation of many of the diseases that can kill us. As healthy as you are, time will get you.
Poem gives warning about the destructiveness of our world if we don't do a better job of caring for it and ourselves.
Long humorous poem about the plumbing profession, read at the 75th anniversary of my good friend's business. A room full of plumbers... WOW!
A long narrative poem in rhyme about two children who meet up with a rowdy bunch of leprechauns and attend the Leprechaun Ball. Used in the schools I taught in.
Compares the many kinds of kisses with the kinds of sentences in the English language.
Poem about fathers who do well raising their children, and the inevitable loss because we do well.
Tribute poem that brings the Beatles to mythical levels.
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