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I have a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a Classical Studies Minor. I took Spanish in high school
and several languages in college including Latin, ancient Greek, French, and German.
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This article includes a list of the first twenty-five prime numbers, the number of primes up to and including any integer (pi(x)). It also gives information about the prime number theorem, Goldbach conjecture, Riemann hypothesis, Mersenne primes and Fermat primes.
This article is two plot summaries of the fables written by the ancient Greek writer Aesop titled The Ant And The Grasshopper and The Hare And The Tortoise.
This article gives information about the moon of Saturn Titan. It includes information about its surface including new facts found by satellites.
This article has information about Ganymede, one of Jupiter's moons. It includes its distance from Jupiter, mass, and some details about the other three Galilean moons of Jupiter.
This article gives details about the planet Mercury. It includes information about some of its biggest craters, new developments, temperature, distance from sun, etc.
This article explains about how to calculate probability with multiple dice. It gives all possible outcomes for two dice.
This article explains what the mathematical term square root means. It includes the decimal representation of rational numbers, irrational numbers, and the square roots of pi and e.
This article gives information about mathematical sequences and series. It includes geometric series, geometric sequences, arithmetic series, arithmetic sequences, common ratio, common difference, etc.
This article explains how to promote a Pawn in the game of chess. It includes how the Pawn moves and special situations when the Pawn should be exchanged for a piece other than the Queen.
This article gives information about the geometric term parallel lines. It gives their definition and the difference between parallel lines, skew lines, and perpendicular lines.
This article gives information about the chesspiece bishop. It includes how the bishop moves, its strengths and its weaknesses. Several openings that include the fianchetto of the bishop are mentioned.
This article is a biography of the mathematician Christian Goldbach. He is famous for the conjecture named after him. It claims that any even integer can be expressed as the sum of two prime numbers.
This article is a list of ten of the greatest inventions of all time. It lists them and gives detail about each invention including the inventor.
This article is a plot summary of the science fiction book Journey to The Center of The Earth by Jules Verne. Professor Liedenbrock and his nephew find an Icelandic manuscript that gives details about a path to the center of the earth.
This article is a biography of the baseball great Babe Ruth. He played for the New York Yankees and held the title for the most home runs in one season (60) for many years.
This article explains what integers are. The commutative, associative, and distributive properties of integers are explained. It includes the difference between fractions and integers.
This article is a plot summary of the science fiction book From The Earth to The Moon And Round The Moon by Jules Verne. It explains the known scientific facts included in the book.
This article explains what E-Currency is and how to use it. It is a very popular way to spend money on the internet. It gives several examples and the URLs to the websites.
This article explains how to make a bet on a SAM (Screen Activated Machine). It has been used for the past few years and is a significant improvement. It makes making a bet a lot easier.
This article is a plot summary of the play Romeo And Juliet by William Shakespeare. It is a love story about Romeo and Juliet whose families are enemies.
This article is a plot summary of the science fiction book Nineteen Eighty Four by George Orwell. It is about a dictator called Big Brother who is all-powerful. The only person who is considered capable of stopping him is Goldstein, and his chances are slim.
This article gives details about the winners of the United States Chess Championship. It also gives details about the U.S. Open, National Open, and Women's Championship.
This article explains what we know about the planet of the eighth planet in the solar system Neptune. It explains about its thirteen moons and gives information about some of the discoveries made by the satellite Voyager 2.
This article explains about the Pythagorean Theorem, which states that the sides of a right triangle (triangle with one 90 degree angle) can be expressed by the formula a^2+b^2=c^2, where a and b are the sides and c is the hypotenuse (side opposite the right angle).
The article gives information about how to use the knight in the game of chess to the best advantage. It gives detail about the best squares and power of the knight over other pieces.
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