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Started her passion in writing since her school days in the United Kingdom. She often writes poems about love and life experiences and anything interesting which comes to mind.
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It was like an island discovery when I saw this castle-like slide built in the middle of the pool, complete with a magnificent view of the mountains as its background .. and I had only one person in mind - my son.
`Isdaan' is a well-known floating restaurant in Gerona,Tarlac. It is situated halfway to Baguio and other north provinces of the Philippines.
Valentines Day is fast approaching and I was kind of wondering if by any chance they have Valentines Day in Heaven too ...
Do you love to drive? And would you care for a few driving tips and a few giggles on unique driving experiences in the Philippines? Then, please read on! You are on the right page!
The usual idea of having roadworks is to make a safe and comfortable driving zone for travelers which will be good for years and years to come.
Actions speak louder than words. You will surely know if someone loves you or not truly not by their words but by the way they keep their promises to you.
The shortest and yet the grandest word a woman looks forward to reply to his beloved on a very special day he creates.
The true spirit of Christmas lies in the gift-giving which originated from the time the Three Kings offered gifts to baby Jesus in Bethlehem.
One of my favourite places in Nueva Ecija. It is an hour or two from Cabanatuan City. Even the scenery while traveling to the resort will relax you.
Sometimes, God takes away someone from you temporarily in order for you to realize the importance of that person to you.
Love at first sight is not always true for everyone. There are times when it takes someone too long to realize that they really love the person who had been there all along waiting patiently for them.
It is easier for children to make their wishes because they can easily be granted by Santa.
This is the 2nd part of my poem `An End of Season's Perfect Recipe'.
This is a poem I composed during my elementary days for someone who used to be very special to me.
The Philippines now has its very own Antarctica. It is the first and the only penguin park in the country, situated in Manila.
I have only been a member of Wikinut for 2 weeks, and now it has become my joy!
This article is a tribute to plain housewives, whose work is a lot tougher than office work which not many realize.
Despite the introduction of the welfare state, poverty still exists in Britain. Is this true?
This poem is about a past love that has come back.
Having someone to love and love you back is such a pleasure but you have to admit guys that some of you have these annoying traits which you must change for the relationship's sake.
This is a poem about a very hopeful individual who wants a world full of peace and love.
This is a poem I wrote for my grandparents when my mom brought me to United Kingdom with her to study.
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