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I'm 50 years old, been married 30 years. I have two grown children, one boy one girl, and the most beautiful grandbaby girl, Zoey. She has my heart.
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This is a story about a couple who learned the devastating news that they could not have children and the joy they experienced when they accepted the option of adopting.
Understanding and accepting my place in line when it comes to who is most important in my granddaughter's life.
Put your cell phone to work. Today's technology has given us opportunities like never before.
What can we as a nation do to keep our kids from going to bed hungry?
If you have never smoked, you will never understand the power smoking has over someone. You will never understand the joy of being able to quit. If you know someone who is trying to quit and failing, don't judge them and don't push them. Offer them love and support because that's w...
Explaining how doctors don't know exactly which medication will work for you. They can only guess and keep changing it until the right one works with a person's chemistry.
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