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Currently I am unemployed so I have a lot of time on my hands. However, I feel I need to be on the internet, communicating with others, giving advice, making people laugh and, hopefully become well-respected on wikinut.
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Jodie Was A Special Cat As I Saved Him From My Abusive Partner To Come And Live In Paradise!
All My Cats Have Been Special But One In Particular Was (Almost) Human-Like
Not Many Things Are Made In My Country Nowadays But Whenever I Find Something, It Is Time To Celebrate!
My Husband Has A Problem With Gambling That I Knew About Before We Got Married. I - Naively, Thought He Would Stop Now That He Has a Wedding Ring On His Finger. How Wrong Was I!
9 Times Out Of 10 We Have Had Unruly Neighbours. Here Is How We Cope With Them.
Little Did I Know That Buying A CD For £3.99 Would Cost Me Another £150!
Every Year I Say "No" To Tinsel On The Tree..Then I Always Change My Mind!
I Find It Incredible That Some People Don't Like Doors Being Left Open For Them..Mainly The Older Generation!
It Can Be Emotionally Draining Following Your Local Team. Here's Why..
When Your Gynaecologist Gives Advice Do You Question It?
It Can Be Hard To Take When All Your Pals Die Before You Do
Las Vegas - a wedding destination not everyone thinks of, but here is why I believe it was the best decision we ever made.
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