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Fun, loving and ready for friends n life to give me highs and Lows!!
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New routine, diet, outlook and exercise. Struggle and achievements.
Diary of my day so far. It hasn't finished yet but hopefully there won't be anymore excitement!
After splitting from a 7 year relationship, I found a lovely man... Who would have thought after 6 months of being together, realising I didn't feel that strongly for him, saying it was over would tip him over!?
Diary of my day so far worry about work and money in my life
Love and lost, rather than to have never loved at all
In's and Out's of an Avon Rep. Highs and lows. Struggles and successes.
About my 2 years away from family and friends, leaving, visits,
I have suffered with my skin since turning 12 years old... still plagued with oily, dry, belished, spotty, sore skin I have finally found a product that works on me!!
For a progress report on how things seem to be getting on with the 'Wedding' department ;-D
Here are my struggles of weight issues thus far... Will I win?? Or lose........?
Here in my virtual diary I show you how my social life was very busy, very quiet and how I mean to get it back!!!
My very own website Saucy Undies is making it in the world of hte internet... See how it is growing and the word being spread across the world!
Finding out what my Best friend wanted and now has got done!!! A boob operation that is not needed really!!! But what am I to say!?? I'm blessed though... But not as perky though!!! :-(
Follow my Online Diary of things going on in my life, in my mind and what I want to go on!
GHD's are the best straightners out there.... Here is what happened when My 2 1/2 year old pair stopped working - HAPPY ending!!!
So for my very first wedding, what do I WEAR!??? It's not MY wedding!!!! :-(
My Saving problems and a few tips that seem to work for me.
I have been feeling diffferent since taking these... Now i feel more normal and will get sorted soon with new contraception.
Bored of things not being as Exciting or moving as well as first wanted!!! :-(
A brief decription of the weekends antics!!! Wonder if next time will be more fun!!!?? ;-P
For all your dressing up (Or Down!) needs!!! ;-D Party!!!!
Weight is such a problem for me at the moment... Hope I can get over it!!
Finally feeling normal now... How long for though??
Out of childcare for a while... Could this be the Ideal job?
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