Sarah Barnard

Sarah Barnard
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Writer, reader, mother, chicken keeper, gardener, knitter. Welcomes unexpected gifts of chocolate.
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The third book in the Portal Series, Child of the Portal opens with a scene so shocking, and moving, that it stays with the reader throughout the book, rearing up to slap us over and over as the repercussions ripple through the story. With 3 major character deaths, a single birth and...
At the end of The Portal Between, Lily returned alone; Kate hoped Sam would follow and Kate's world was rocked again. Sam has problems of her own, the magic is out of control, and Lily can't help this time. Kate tries to pull her life back together but it's hard and she finds comfort ...
Sam was gone, and no one knew where or why. Her car was found near the old oak tree, empty and abandoned. There was no sign of foul play, but also no sign of Sam, except for footprints that led to the oak tree... and stopped. Read the first two chapters here.
Want a great read? Follow Joy as she emerges from her life as a damaged recluse and finds love is possible and hope is real.
The importance of finding, and using, a really good editor if you want your book to be read and taken seriously.
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