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i like to write about hobby, fish and animal
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This my poem that inspired by the wind and dust. enjoy it.
i have write many poem, usually on Indonesian, and my favorite theme is love. Love has so many energy, the light that make me feel so right. here is one of them, hope you will like it.
demon presents in every part of the world culture. As a proof, some of them were mummyfied. is those mummy real?
The ancient javanese kingdom left behind many heritage that still exist till to day. some of them were statues. too bad, that many of the statue were headless.
Mystic and Magic has become a apart of the javanese people culture. The javanese beliefe that there is "some thing else" beyond human capability that effect on their daily life.
Keris, traditional weapon that transform into a collectible item
a quick guidelines to gain wealth for the beginner
Akik, the magical Gemstone in the javanese people culture
introduction to traditional javanese weapon ; keris
how to ended a boring mariagge. the granPa paul story
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