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Lorraine Ferns
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I love to write - I go through stages of expression - sometimes I concentrate on poetry and then other times I attempt short stories.
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Sometimes we think we are having a bad day, until we come across something that makes us realize that others have had it even worse! Andy and his friend Jeff discover that - soon enough!
Some times our egos can take a kick in the pants! Mine sure did!
Haiku is a poetic form that is fun to do but also a very effective form of poetry to capture a single moment or even a feeling. I have posted here a few of my haiku poems that I had written a while back.
And the naked branches Scratching the pain Disfigured moments Keep knocking
Compassion is free, so is love - we don't all need the shiny big everything to be a success in this world!
This is another part to a story I began called the House.
This is a poem about being in a time of need and missing an old friend!
This is a short story about friendship and how Ratty the rat shares his birthday!
I thought this poem would be appropriate because of the cold, windy weather we've been having.
Perfection and trying to be perfect can be exhausting.
To leave the moment, the time, and sometimes the place Your voice drones, inexpressive, in my face
Express a moment with a sound an utter of indelible life
Just bring it on Whoo! Move, swish Swing! Yeah! Smokey Whoa! Keep that beat Going!
Each day more fingerprints would appear upon the glass
the low lamp gave off a soft but sombre glow and reflected a quiet glint of history off
fingers grubby, hunger hidden in a dirty knapsack no map, no direction
unheard of, lost, in the mounds of words passed on – again in the bookstore she bends to read
Music, memories, life sitting on the grass, smiling young.
Sometimes we all need superheroes, or need to be one to ourselves. Life can get tough sometimes, but maybe we are stronger than we think!
This poem is about a mans reflection when he's sees a homeless man - it is a struggle for the protagonist to stay sober and continue on even though it is a struggle,
This poem is about was prompted by a photo of a child and a bear; and sadly how many animals are going to extinct.
The seasons constantly change so when Spring arrives Winter sadly must take his leave.
A very piece of prose about an old abandoned house.
This poem is about how many people are being exploited. There are many people in the world who are being cheated out of their hard earned wages. Imagine after working for a week or two to discover your boss won't give you your money and you need to buy food.
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