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Are you tired of browsing publication after publication, and also web site after website simply to obtain some swift gaming strategies? Well I found one place that is ideal for your gambling queries: was created to provide you all the strategies you require sitting ri...
Some simple things to keep in mind before you go to a casino.
Admit it. Everyone wants to catch a mermaid, if only to say they have done it. So if you are curious and want to know what the tactics are, here is what you do to catch yourself a mermaid.
A member of the Japanese doomsday cult Aum Shinrikito, Makoto Hirata, reported himself to the police in Tokyo after being indicted for 16 years.
In Washington the new "strategy against transnational crime" of President Obama is to reduce "the extent of crime, its scale and its influence and its consequences for the United States and the international security" said the adviser to President Obama's homeland security and counter...
In the annals of crime there are many untold stories. Whether they are fiction or true, you decide. This piece reveals the stories of serial killers of a lesbian turn. Those who killed for fun and for other motivations which criminaligists are yet to uncover. Can you find an explanati...
It is the bane of modern communications-systems for consumers--the voice-jail system.
Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi appeared Monday morning at his trial for fraud, at the courthouse in Milan. This is the first time in eight years that the "Cavaliere" presents himself before a judge.
Fat in the stomach may be one of the most shameful things because it advertises to the world that you cannot control your eating OR that you are too lazy to exercise. Neither is a preferable situation. With the pandemic of obesity taking over the population at this time, it is imp...
More than 70 people died Monday in an explosion at a munitions factory in southern Yemen, in the province of Abyan.
The term virus is used to refer to malicious software that is able to auto run and replicate. On the other hand we have the worms, many fall into the category of viruses, which differ from those that do not require the user to spread them but uses media such as P2P, instant messaging ...
The mammoth roamed the earth back when the glaciers were still retreating and now Japanese scientists want to bring it back by cloning.
Everyone who has a car knows how difficult it can be to find a parking space, especially during peak hours. A new gadget is being developed which uses mobile devices and the Internet to help solve the motorist's parking challenge.
A short humorous piece written by a Vampire in California.
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