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A Writer, Authour and Publisher based in Lagos. Freelance writing on Religion, History, Food & Nutrition, Self-help & Counselling, Addiction, Poems & Proses, and science, with online E books.
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Saint Bonaventure was a Christian theologian and the head minister of the Franciscans.
Saint Catherine of Siena was a Dominican nun and Doctor of the Church.
Nigeria ranks among the highest exporters of crude oil in the world yet they rank among the poorest in the world. A few politicians pockets the wealth of the nation in their pockets.
Ventriloquism is the art of speaking in such a way that the projected sound seems to originate elsewhere, as from a hand-manipulated dummy, puppet or mask.
The crises in the Niger Delta area of Nigeria have affected the country adversely since its inception. One of the major actors in the brawl is the MEND, the movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta.
A poem I wrote to express the greatness of the Lord. Oh that man will praise the Lord. He deserves our praises.
As the election draws near in Nigeria, there is the need to consider certain factors that will help to usher in a free and fair election. Previous elections in the country has always been characterize with rigging and violence.
The Jos people in Nigeria have currently been under incessant bomb attacks. For the past few years, the Jos people have been facing different forms of sectarian violence ranging from gun battles to the recent use of sophisticated bombs.
Bamboo is a common name for more than 40 genera and about 480 species of perennial, woody, usually shrubby or treelike plants of the grass family. They belong to the scientific family of Poaceae, (formerly Gramineae).
We are saved by grace. Salvation can not be merited. A poem I wrote to explain how undeserving I am to be saved but by grace, I am saved through Christ Jesus.
A poem I wrote concerning the perversion and wrong teachings in the church. Preachers abandon the real message of salvation, which is centered on Jesus Christ to preach messages to suit themselves.
Living in sin is like being veiled. We can not see ourselves the way we really are but we'll be living in ignorance, oblivious of the consequencies of our actions.
A poem I wrote to elevate the name of the Lord. He is to be praised for His goodness and kindness to mankind.
The Bible and the scriptures has just one purpose. Jesus Christ and Christians also have one purpose; that purpose is to inherit the kingdom of God.
A poem where I expressed so much about the love of God in Christ Jesus. Christ is the fulness of God's love.
Are you hungry for life everlasting? Then you have enough food that will quench your hunger. Christ is the bread for the hungry, so get hold of Him.
A poem I wrote to explain the need to live for God. With God on your side, you are victorious. He will guide and protech you.
Many may wish to follow a godly way of life but the flesh keeps resisting it. The spirit of most people are willing but their fleshes are weak. I advice such people to follow their thirst.
A poem I wrote about the attrocities that are being committed by politicians and rulers in the third world and how to say 'no' to their tricks and resist their oppression.
A poem i wrote about Lagos, Nigeria in West Africa. A very busy town and the former capital of Nigeria. Lagos is densly populated and the most busy city in Nigeria.
A poem I wrote about the sufferings of Christ. This is what He did for us; what have you done for Him. He is still thirsty!
A poem about the ups and downs of life. Success is not usually achieved by the strongest and the race is not usually won by the fastest.
Poem about the goodness of God to mankind. Inspite of man's disobedience, God still love him.
The expertise knowledge of the ancient Romans in the use of stones and marbles was an added advantage to the Roman furniture industry.
The major part of the ancient Greek furniture is known from paintings and sculpture works. Designs on terra-cotta, bronze, tombstones and paintings that survived the years are indications of early production and use of furniture by the ancient Greeks.
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