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Having served the armed forces for thirty years ,I now like to write, drawing upon my myriad experiences
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Part of an air dropping mission on a routine trip, I was unaware of the hazard of being evicted from the plane unceremoniously like a box of supplies
The age old dichotomy between the rich and the poor is a problem that remains unsolved even though it stares at us daily in the face. Our attitude towards the homeless and poor in our communities continues to remain apathetic
A great desire to join the army makes the narrator try to succeed by hook or by crook, ultimately to be brought to book and chastised.
An old cantonment reverberates with the sounds of falling stones. It is discovered that it was once the site of a Prisoners of War camp.Death of an officer who dismissed the eerie happenings.
Partition of India was a harrowing time for all sections of society.Yet even in desolation there were sparks of humanity .
Pandemonium in Lahore zoo with the escape of a lion from its cage.It finally meets a gory end.
a unique birthing experience without much medical assistance
Personal meeting with Mother Teresa in Calcutta, the city which she adopted in India
The Governor of West Bengal, India gushes over a royal visitor from Laos making perfect arrangements, when it turns out that the royal dignitary is a siamese cat named Prince.
An interesting encounter with Naga tribals and their unique ways of life leads to an interesting and lucrative barter
crows are supposed to be dimwits but contrary to accepted thoughts, they are highly intelligent beings
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