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Necola Tull
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I am a mother of two with a deep passion for writing. I like writing creative short stories and poetry. I am also a freelance writer. I write, SEO, articles blogs and more.
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A few things people may not know about the black history that was never published in the school books. If they were, I would have known about it. I read part of a story today that enlightened me on my own history -- black history.
Sometimes sequels will out-do its original movie. It's a rare feat, but it happens. Although it's so rare, that hasn't stopped the movie makers from trying. How many is enough?
Writing has been a passion of mine since I was in grade school. I dreamed of becoming an author for many years. If there was one thing I wanted to do as a career for the rest of my life, writing would be it. Sometimes our dreams don't become what we had hoped for.
I love the exploration of new things to an extent. I'm a great fan of Science Fiction more so than Science itself. I think now as an adult, I lean more to the side of conservative when it comes to space exploration, and all that NASA stands for. We have lost much more than what we sup...
I remember where I was and what I was doing 12 years ago today. 9/11-- I won't forget.
There are times when the thought of writing can come in an instant. There are times more often than others when a topic is no where to be found.
The term, "financial aid" is suppose to mean something. Usually it means that there is financial assistance for college students who need some help paying for school. I believe someone needs to tell the individuals at college financial aid offices that they are there to help students ...
Some people think that once a relationship ends you can sever all ties. What about those that love and lose, but have to remain in each others' lives because of the children? Dealing with the ex you can't get rid of is hell!!
The death of a loved one can bring out several emotions as the grief sinks in. Even if the person that died wasn't a close relative or didn't have a great impact in your life, it's still possible to feel a great loss inside.
Let's take a moment and think about the last time an original film was made for the big screen. A good movie. Let's say -- an action movie. When my mind scrambles for an action movie with some originality, it just continues to scramble. Where have all the good scripts gone? To sequels...
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