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Hi, everyone. I like to be who I'm and my favorite is to make photo and write articles etc.
Happy to be here!!!

Have a great day guys!
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The sale of a large vacant plot on the Broadway at 103d Street was the lost important transaction in the realty market yesterday. The property includes the plot of about five and one-half city lots surrounding the northeast corner of Broadway and 103d Street, opposite the Subway stati...
Lists of "Don'ts" are usually more interesting than important, and even their interest is rather relational than intrinsic. They do tell more or less about the sins to which their authors are not inclined.
Thanks to Comcast Cables inexpensive prices, you may also upgrade your cable TV to enjoy more features than ever before
There are poems that are meant to be read and there are poems that are meant to be said, and those poems that are meant to be said are the poems I perform.
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