Sara Loren

Sara Loren
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Sara is a shopaholic and a blogger. She regularly blog’s about her shopping experiences, especially when she goes out to buy something expensive or exciting.
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Follow these guidelines to improve your art for dish washing so that your flatware would survive longer than usual.
The very first thing you should know about ink stains is their different categories. Water-based ink spots are easiest to remove that you get from washable markers but with permanent highlighters and markers, it’s a disaster! Whereas ballpoint ink is tricky to get off but can be tre...
The following post highlights in detail about acetic anhydride, its several reactions, application and manufacturing processes. The information is beneficial for students as well as individuals working in chemical industries.
This post is about introduction, health and safety precautions of acetic anhydride.
This article is a brief introduction to Certified Management Accountant and its innumerable benefits. If you’re good with numbers and management, do pursue the certification for a rewarding career.
This post emphasize on how to revive your old winter collection into a new wardrobe. Read further to understand a few handy DIY tips, save a few bucks and enjoy!
If you have decided to buy a luxurious watch for yourself then there are some guidance and suggestions that you need to be aware about. Just in case you have never purchased any luxury watch before then this definitive guide will help you out.
If you are looking to your expensive watch then this post can surely help you understand how to do it.
Dubai is one of the most attractive places in the world for shopaholics and they have an opportunity to buy everything in one place irrelevant of the size and price of the items. The city offers all major and exclusive brands along with a plethora of cost saving retail stores for shop...
All in all it can be said that budget yourself which would determine what kind of watch you will end up with and finally, find yourself the best store there is in all of town.
The real estate market of Dubai is one of the most attractive markets in the world and people are investing significant amounts of money into the market due to this attraction. This is the prime time to purchase property in the region and what better option than to take out an easy lo...
All you need to do is that make a list of the best places of Dubai which you can’t take the risk to miss them.
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