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I want to be a writer. My passion is to educate each and every body in my country and make them capable to break the chains of poverty, caste, religion, minority, region, race and gender.
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Recent pages by SMERA

India got Independance on 1947 August 15. That day is the most important day for all Indians. This poem is a homage to Mother India.
I would like to write about Kerala culture,rituals and spirituality.
This article discuses of a highly toxic insecticide called endosulfan .It destroys our environment and causes many dangerous diseases. In Kasaragod in Kerala, Cashew Nut Plantation Corporation applied endosulfan a few years back. The people of endosulfan affected area are still suffer...
Hiroshima day was gone. This day reminds us about the atrocities made by the war. The day reminds us about the need of world peace. we can be the part of the mission for the world peace.
Thodeekkalam Temple is in Kannur District in Kerala. The main deity here is lord Siva. The temple has historical importance. This temple is famous for mural painting.
This page is about friendship. A good friend is one of the most valuable gift owned by a person in life.
The poem says of east which is not polluted yet. East gives us the notion of universal soul in which all living and non-living things belong. Eastern spirituality never separates you and me, the self and the other. In east the nature itself is the home.
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