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writing is my passion and I am glad when readers find my pages interesting or inspiring.
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It would be silly , if I started my article asking "Have you ever travelled on a flight ?" There may be a very few who haven't done that in the present day.As it has also become a necessity now a days than a luxury. But, there are also certain bitter experiences with it , which I wo...
How do you feel when you find precious things like your wedding ring after losing it for a few moments ? What sort of thoughts creep in your mind when you lose things ? Go on to enjoy a story on such a situation a woman faced.
Recently,I had a discussion with one of my friends who was being so attached to the surroundings,nature,living and non-living things that I had to counsel about acceptance of true nature as such.
What happens when someone is invited for a wedding which is too far away to be attended ?This is something which our neighbour, Ramaswamy shared with us.Just read on to know more.Hope you'll know more about value of friendship.
A token of Gratitude after many long years, to the first teacher a toddler met when he joined his school.
A short note of the experience I had when I lost a gift of certain amount given by my relatives to my kid.
Its an experience shared by someone who had to push his car all the way back to his home,when he wanted a great evening enjoying with his family.
There is a famous saying by Eleanor Roosevelt ,"Great minds discuss ideas.Average minds discuss events and Small minds discuss people." This is what I am going to discuss about which may help us live better lives and use time judiciously.
Many of us might have experienced participating in school skits,dramas,one-act plays.These were really superb days, for most of us,I believe as we don't find time to think of doing such skits or enjoying while rehearsing for such plays now, as adults.Whenever we go nostalgic, we just...
Since INDIA has the people of different languages with different cultures and traditions, "Pushkaram" makes all the people gather at one place,shows the unity in diversity
The WORLD ENVIRONMENT DAY recalls us of the favorite books which inspire us.These books, make us run out of doors and which are also great enough to stop us from moving further.Keep us surfing through the pages to learn and rediscover the nature and its beauty.
All of us have sense organs which help us in fulfilling our daily needs.Other than the 5 sense organs,we have Brain which gives the necessary information and memory to store the information recorded by the senses. What if the same senses play their roles in a different manner ? Lets...
Have you ever wondered how hard it might be for a teacher to control you when you were a school kid? You might be very busy with your classmates,complaining, imitating,taunting each other.But it was the teacher who was going on watching you and trying to mold you, punishing you to...
Most of us seek advice for dealing with hair loss and to color hair when it no more suits the skin complexion.A few tips for dealing with hair loss as well as coloring of hair have been discussed here.
Recently, there were issues regarding use and ban of noodles marketed by a certain brand in India.Most parts of the Nation have also claimed the health hazards related to the fast food and many have stopped purchasing the favorite dish of most kids now. What are the health issues ac...
The one thing which makes birds different from all other animals and humans is that they can FLY.The flight of a bird was an inspiration for many inventors who could later create planes and helicopters. The Beautiful Feathers of the birds attract the observers most .Let's learn more...
As and when we need to secure our finances including jewellery,documents of properties etc, the best place we find are the banks.The whole article provides a brief description of how the banks developed and got transformed to the one we find today.
Most of us have pets with which we develop strong bonds. When the bond strengthens, even the pets start recognizing their owners and be with them for the rest of their lives.This story tells about such a bond between a woman and its pet.
This summer, the heat is increasing day by day in India.The temperature is reaching above 45 degrees in some parts. Summer has also brought some good things like Mangoes.So, its better if we can cope up with this heat by making use of the available resources....Raw Mango with its heal...
A brief account of the Omega -3 and benefits of fish oil for pregnant women.
Mother - the word itself has got great importance. Its a combination of sacrifice,love,patience,perseverance and ultimately life.Then why a single day for a mother? Why this Mothers' day after all ?
We all know about the mode of food preparation in plants. The green pigment present in the leaves helps in photosynthesis. But what about the leaves which are not green in color.Do they prepare food without the green pigment ? If so how ?
As in every organization, there are set backs in banks and these need to be tackled or handled carefully as its not the problem of a single entity but the whole organization and the customers of the banks.
When one has to prove himself, he has to achieve something and to achieve something,he needs to strive hard and show the courage to face the risks and then enjoy success.
This section gives a short note on the Indian joint stock banks and foreign banks in India.
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