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A Poet and Philosopher. Prophecy portends the future, while poetry helps make sense of the past.
Poetry with a message. Sometimes an eternal message, because this world IS the doorway to our eternity. My poetry, more than merely words on paper, is a venue for me in this capacity to be that conduit, helping to transmit theses eternal truths to those wishing to hear.

Through the poet's eyes, ears, heart and experiences readers gain an opportunity to share in these experiences and perhaps be aided in their quest for greater appreciation and happiness in life. I wish you all, those seeking to continuously elevate yourselves in this world, blessings from the Creator of the world to find the happiness in your own lives that will enable you to serve Him with joy and happiness always.......
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Hostage negotiations are a serious matter. Excellent training and experience will determine the success of these type of encounters determining, in a very real sense, who will live and who will die. Let us now explore just one such scenario.
Time is a luxury not all can afford. Quite the opposite. It can, with time, be your worst nightmare. Beyond your reach. Beyond your control. Only as it increasingly slips away, will you begin to realize just how valuable and irreplaceable is your loss.
Here are some additional quotes that I developed/adopted later in life. These quotes, like much of everything else I write, are now a part of my personal philosophy, a guide of sorts, helping me to navigate the world and the people around me. And, as always, please feel free to quote ...
This poem was written by the heart, and for the heart. If you stay in touch with your heart, then hope persists. If you lose touch with your heart, although it might still beat, you're far from being alive! Deep down within, lie the answers to all things. Deep within resides the m...
This is a short poem with deep meanings. Are we trapped in the world of the living until we die? Perhaps, we are only trapped mentally, ever focused on dealing with those issues that plague us on the day to day. Maybe we need the only medicine to set things straight once and for all...
This is a short poem reflecting on this missing puzzle in our lives. Our battles are for a purpose. A constructive purpose. And the ultimate decisive factor on whether we will succeed or not depends on how quickly we can come to terms with this reality.
This is an article about life. As we watch our "hour glass" filling up, we find ourselves troubled, sometimes plagued, with many questions. Internal questions. More often than not, they remain unanswered questions. Come with me and let us explore together our world from within and ...
This is a short poetic/politic statement. Those in power understand that the pen is mightier than the sword. Where is this pen located? Somewhere between my tongue and two lips. When the words I speak are met with much public approval; that is power. So if I want to maintain my pow...
This is a poem about some of the realities of death. Death is something that does not have to be feared. Perhaps if we learn how to accept it, we'll be in a better position to properly prepare for it.
This is a short article that describes the reality of the upcoming final war which the world must ultimately experience. It's only a matter of time. And the only question remaining, is how soon?
This is Death. It is a very real part of life. The end of life. No, the beginning of a NEW life whose understanding can only be acquired through Faith.
This is a short poem which deals with the tragedy of divorce. No one comes out the winner.
This is a short but deep poem with hidden meanings, some Concealed / some Revealed, for those ready, willing and able to navigate the depths.
This is a short poem about taking a minute to just stop and reflect.
This world is the doorway to the next, how will you prepare yourself for the journey?
Our lives center around love, dreams and a common wish to be forever surrounded by happy (and for the poet, poetic) themes. Just close your eyes and set yourself free! Escape to that place where Light & Happiness unites with Love & Eternity. A meeting that can only take place when yo...
This poem is about our inability to avoid eventualities. The sooner we can accept them, the sooner we can prepare for them. In the darkness is where the light will be revealed.
Sometimes silence can be deafening. Sometimes silence can be music to soothe the mind. It is the key that unlocks many doors. This is a short poem that seeks to make a little noise in the minds of those who feel that they are trapped in silence.
This is a short poem about the life we live and the games we play, or don't play.
When dealing with shame, keep it (hidden) short. Here's a short, but deep, spiritual message. Can anyone decipher?
Here are some additional quotes that I developed through my (later) life experiences. They are a bit more spiritually driven than my previous quotes from my earlier page entitled, And You Can "Quote Me". These quotes are now a part of my personal philosophy, a guide of sorts, helping...
A short, but deep, spiritual poem foreshadowing the secrets of the wandering few. The exile (suffering) of the few faithful in this final generation will ultimately pave the way for the redemption of the multitudes.
This poem is one of my earliest. I attempt to portray an imagery where the "old school" seeks to pass on the wisdom it acquired, tragically at a high price, to the young. Now as a "new man" past mistakes provide the momentum and driving force toward making amends with society, hopin...
This is a short paper I presented as part of my research project many years ago. It covers some of the historical, ethical, social, and legal issues surrounding the implementation of Affirmative Action policies and the subsequent controversies they created.
This is a very short essay depicting the life of a smoker. Let’s take an honest look at his ups, his downs, and what he might encounter along the way.
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