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myself jayalaxmi from bangalore and i'm a software engineer i like to share my knowledge with other.
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Let me show you how to Make Money with Google Ad-sense through other resource's
In Internet we have many websites where you can post (or) upload files for free, get the accessible URL and share them through social network
simply difference between smoke testing and sanity testing in manual testing
difference between access modifiers and when we use specific access modifer
in these articles explain about sealed class and sealed class method
Oops stands for Object Oriented Programming and how to use oops concepts in programming
let me show you how to use system.console.writeline in programming part, brief explanation about system, console, writeline
what is the use of com component object model in software
CLR(Common Language Runtime) Role in .Net Framework.
brief explanation about framework, what is use of the framework.
basic information about dotnet language and Framework
Software Testing is completely based on a theory part, here you do not have any coding to perform or execute for Software Testing.
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