Roger Brees

Roger Brees
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We all, to some degree or another, hold beliefs about the world around us. It defines us, and dictates how we behave in society. But more important than the truth-value of these beliefs, is the question of why it is we hold them in the first place.
The conclusion to the Mental Nature story. Danny and Red reach their destination and uncover the atrocities committed in the facility, a discovery that has profound effects on both of them.
Mental Nature, Part 3. Something's up with Red. Something's up with Danny. Something is terribly wrong here.
Part 2 of Mental Nature - The soldiers begin to suspect that they aren't the only ones in the compound, which is beginning to erode their sanity.
Two mercenaries are sent to retrieve something from a long abandoned- and vaguely horrific- research facility, inside of which nothing should have survived. They soon suspect this might not be the case.
It is naive to think that our world is the only one out there. We may be isolated, but we are not alone. Explore another world.
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