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I am a writer. I love writing very much and I am a pretty random person; i write just about anything and most of the things I write about came out from my personal experience and knowledge.
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Recent pages by funkymadge521988

Some travel tips when taking your pets to go abroad with you.
A review on a fishing village which is located in Port Klang, Malaysia.
Some of Thailand's famous cuisines that will make your mouth water for more
A recipe on how to prepare Mantecados! You can prepare them for Christmas!
An analysis on "To kill a mockingbird characters". This novel is a must read novel.
A short summary on my travel trip to Sabah in 2009
A short summary of a movie, called "Laid to rest". It is a must watch movie!
An analysis on the themes of Murders in the Rue Morgue's story which was written by Edgar Allen Poe
A review on a short novel written by George Orwell
A short review and analysis of the famous story written by Edgar Allen Poe, called The Black Cat
A shout out to the broken-hearts. Love can be unfair sometimes, but that could also mean that the person is not for you. There is someone better out there for you.
This is a poem written by me when I was in university. This poem tells a story of a forbidden love between two young lovers
A story dedicated to my beloved super mum. She is the best mama in the whole wide world.
A poem I wrote when I was in university. This poem is a love poem based on my own experience.
A short poetry in remembrance of Tsunami victims and survivors in Japan. This poem was written by me back in university
Inspirational stories and life experiences. This page inspires and gathers people out there to express their feelings, talents, and words with the world. The stories here are very much related to the experiences felt by people from all over the world.
Some tips on credit cards management when travelling abroad
Relationship in a family and the many challenges many families are facing today
All about Malaysia and the wonders offered by the country
A short article on plastic surgery and why people continue to do it
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