Adil Shereef

Adil Shereef
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My name is Adil Shereef. I come from India and I study B.A LITERATURE. I really like writing stories and poems that deals with the life around and that involves suspense.
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Our brothers and sisters in Paris.. You are not alone. We will and are always there for you. This is for you!! And I hope my poem comes true and if that happens let us hope for that hand in hand walk....let's certainly hope so
The title a bit weird?? Then you must read the poem its weirder. This poem can be understood by a kindergarten literally and ideologically by you( i hope you are an adult). And comment what you understood for obvious reasons(most cases I get better concepts that what I thought).
I sat on the middle swing.I was so eager to look left but the scene I saw was breathtaking. Then I was tempted to look to the right and there beholded an even stronger image. These images changed my entire life's beliefs and put me into a dilemma. Then I realised......
In the deepest darkness with the freezing coldness he walks towards her with a knife. His role is unidentified. Is he a protector or is he a destructor??. He looks into those eyes those eyes which reminds him of his past and drives his future and takes out the knife. Who is he?? Who w...
I write poems and short stories about what I feel about the happenings around me be it my society or the circumstances I am in. I try to be as simple as possible because as a kid I never liked poetry simply because it was hard to understand( what is the point in reading a love poem wi...
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