Lucy Jones

Lucy Jones
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Lucy Jones is retired living in Central Europe. Life isn't as hectic as it was in the busy, sometimes stressful corporate life. But still passionate about living a healthy and fit life - without being a fanatic.
Curiosity for the Internet, writing, networking and keeping fit has developed into, where readers can find tons of information on the subject of keeping fit and healthy.
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Recent pages by Lucy Jones

Having high blood pressure can lead to all sorts of serious illnesses, some of them fatal. Fortunately, there are a few simple life changes that can be made to avoid and in most cases prevent getting high levels of blood pressure. This article provides some insights into what you can ...
The way we live and what we eat each day often reflects our psychological and physical health. Nourishing goodness to sustain the heart and keep it free from disease, is worth making lifestyle changes for and this article provides a few simple ways to avoid coronary disease.
Many people, even though they've been driving for some time and are routine drivers, still have a problem parking. This brief article shows a few simple methods to better parking routines.
Helping other sick people get well is so rewarding in itself, but what if your dog could be trained to interact with unwell people and help their healing process too. This article provides insight into some of the amazing things therapy dogs are capable of.
We're not always good at forgiving other people are we. But did you know that we are not really very good at self forgiveness either. Self forgiveness is one of the first steps in getting an inner balance. This article expresses some insights in the art of self forgiveness and obtaini...
A less talked about yet very real condition is social anxiety, that can if not treated by a professional, lead to a worsening of this emotional illness and ultimately to a deeper depression. This article attempts to identify the signs and symptoms of this condition.
Getting help for a depression disorder isn't all that easy, unless there are family and friends that are able to help with getting the professional help needed. This article helps to point out some of the signs and symptoms of depression.
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