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name is veonica
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These poems are about hope even if it's not the good kind. Also love even if its the sad kind that ends up empty handed and broken hearted. Also about "tough love" fighting and screaming not knowing the meaning of it.
these poems are scary, sweet and sad. it can send chills down your spine, tears to your eyes, and light to the lies.
these are some more of my poems that include some rough times, some scary and sad times but in the end its me who is causing it.
this page is about how i know my dad loves me but how come you act like you dont see anything or know anything and about how my mom is just...not right.
this page is very deep and depressing it touches base on most of the suicidel points in life.
this page is about how no one knows whats under the skin under the makeup and under who they see on the outside and how most people in this world dont see how bad things truly are...
a couple more of my poems from the lil journal im writing in on how everyday i have to pretend its ok nothing ever happened and be pretend to who my "friends" life is so confusing.
i just got back into putting poems up on here so i hope you guys like them :S
taken away is when my aunt toook me away from my nmom (which was a good thing) and alone is about me feeling alone.
flames and my heart are about sad times ive had in my life recently flames i wrote when my house burnt down and my heart is about my uncle dieing and black funeral is about his funeral and im helpless is takeing all of the pain the world gives you and not knowing what to do and say i...
On how sometimes you just have to love no matter how much it hurts you theres is no running away from what is apart of life apart of you deep inside.
these are poems about my mom and dad. my dad was an acholic and my mom was a stripper. when i lived with my parents they would hit,slap,and punch me and my mom would always tell me how i should just kill myself so thats when i started writing poems.
goin through tough times as a perfectionist trying to be perfect for everyone but me and turning aneorexic and starveing myself all so people will like me i used to do that so i made it into a poems.
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