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I am just an ordinary woman who loves read and write anything interested.
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Mark Twain is The Father of Literature of the which his works very global, timeless and is still known by today's generation.
If you visit the American Museum of Natural History, do not forget to stop by to see this exhibition of food, nature and culture
Although the number of internet marketers, copywriters, bloggers and the like compete more and more in my country, but in fact the profession is still less popular among the public. Work as a blogger (I call it one) is not only underestimated, but not really seen.
Bram Stoker is a legend of horror writer. His character fiction, Count Dracula, the vampire, being legend and has inspired many authors till his next generation.
Kidneys are vital organ of our body which should be maintained properly. Various diseases can affect kidney health, vice versa kidney health also affect overall body health.
It is unfortunate that some countries began to eliminate from the school curriculum the lesson of art of writing beautifully (calligraphy) and replace them with the skills to use computers to his students. While people not easy to get this lesson in the past.
Bad news for you. According to research experts, the habit of most people today is all-powerful to do some work together at the same time that is not good for our brains as well as affect our performance.
Phobia is an excessive scared of something that not supposed to be scared of that sometimes could endanger themselves. Phobia people need support from people around them to recovery.
Hurricane Sandy may have devastating several corners of the city, but it will not dampen the spirit of its citizens to continue living.
Flu often overlooked by people. Some people easily consume flu drugs which are sold freely on the market in the excessive doses, without heeding the instructions written on the packaging. Some people also don't care that they have spreading the virus to others through their careless b...
Was Prince Dracula real, exist and ever live in the past century?
Turf House is a traditional Icelandic house which designed to be resistant to the difficult climate with the live grass cover the wall and roof as its uniqueness.
Famous people reporting, news or gossip? Worth or unworthy?
Global food crisis as ever happened in 2007-2008 has threatened the world. But obesity cases also rose sharply and has reached the point of emergency. What is the cause and what's the solution?
Iron deficiency or anemia is a common issue that sometimes found in some people, especially women who have a lot of blood loss due to menstruation and pregnancy. But what about the fate of people with iron overload? What happen to them? What is the symptoms? Is it dangerous? How's th...
Please be thoughtful giving the child's name because the name means a lot for one's identity and become a burden which carried by a person in their whole life.
Eat more frequent, such as every 2 hours on a regular basis every day, but in small portions with a healthy menu is better than eat 3 times a day in a big portion or eat 3 times a day and reduce food portions while holding a hunger feeling to get an ideal body shape.
In order to maintain the harmony atmosphere in a family, it is necessary that the entire members love, honor and cherish one another without feeling forced much less fear.
Education is very important for many aspects of human life and is the right of every human being. However, many obstacles still block it, one of it is the global economic crisis.
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