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I am an English as a Second Language teacher and co-host weekly of Friday International Gathering. I've taught English in China and Japan as well. Poetry has been a minor hobby. Hope that changes!
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This poem was written in a flurry of passion, as the ideas came one after the other. It is about people in the Bible and history who showed a zeal for doing what God wanted.
Jess is a sex slave. Her family was tricked into thinking she'd be getting a decent job, but in the new country all her identity is taken, so she can serve as a sex slave. The Trilogy captures the various stages of pain and numbness she goes through, with the two alternate endings de...
This page will include poems inspired by dwelling on the awesome nature of the triune God - Father, Son and Holy Spirit, and also amazing things God leads Christians to do to help others in deep need. There may be more personal essays or poems focused on areas in which God has been at...
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