Alma Beait

Alma Beait
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I have been writing poetry an short stories for twenty some years. I love to write about personal experiences and things I see my daughter do or say.
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working a blue collar job with corporate jags at the top? this page is for you and i hope you enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writing it. If this doesn't make you piss yourself nothing will trust me.
if this dont get ya nothin will life is and always will be a challenge but it is what you make of it life is a blessing not a right, but please dont preach about prolife i get it but unfortunately most of you will not
i have been down the same road over and over hitting the same pothole, well today i figured out how to go around it
this one is for all those people out there that think the world is just a place of numbers; when in fact it is a place of people who live, love and work everyday just to get by. this one is for all those who are looking for answers.
the change we all want to be and see in the world do you have it in you and your surroundings
for all those who have their quirks that get them by no matter what it is it is the things we do that make us who we are.
this is where it gets to ya just when you think ya got it its all gone never give up and never give in always believe you can do it because live is too short
You know all the sayings you hear in life and the ones that stick with you are usually the ones you hate the most well this one is no different and ended up on one radio stations most hated sayings of the year.......
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