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Connie Wilson
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Author - 27 books. Yahoo Content Producer of Year (2009); MWC Writer of the Year (2010); IWPA Silver Feather winner (Chicago), 2012 & 2014. Professor: 6 IA/IL colleges.
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Recent pages by Connie Wilson

The cost of growing a bushel of soybeans or corn is soaring while the return on the investment is falling.
A look at the campaign rally for Senate candidate Bruce Braley, which featured Hillary Clinton at the River Center in Davenport, Iowa, on October 29, 2014.
Dale Chihuly, best-known artist in glass, had a glorious display of his pieces, outdoors, in nature, on the grounds of Cheekwood Estate in Nashville, Tennessee in fall, 2010.
A review of "Force Majeure," the front-runner for Best Foreign Film in this year's Oscar race.
Documentary filmmaker Joshua Oppenheimer has produced a chilling film about man's inhumanity to man in "The Look of Silence," a film about the murder of 1,000,000 people in Indonesia after the military coup overthrowing the Communist party there.
"The Well" is an engrossing thriller onscreen that is a modern parable for our times presenting as an action/horror/thriller debut movie by a talented new director (Tom Hammock).
"Creep" tries for psychological tension when a filmmaker accepts an odd assignment from a "really weird and super creepy" client.
A Spanish psychological thriller made on a shoestring budget will keep you thinking about it for days afterwards.
While covering the 50th Annual Chicago Film Festival I had the opportunity to see "St. Vincent" before it opens wide in U.S. theaters and enjoyed the film immensely.
A preliminary look at "The Judge" in Chicago, with star Robert Downey, Jr. present and director David Dobkin.
This is a review of "The ABC's of Death 2" which premiered at the Chicago Film Festival on Saturday, October 11, 2014.
Colin Farrell, Liv Ullmann and Kathleen Turner all graced the Red Carpet on Opening Night of the 50th Annual Chicago Film Festival.
Liv Ullmann, star of many Ingmar Bergman films, is now directing, and she took time out to speak with me about her new film, "Miss Julie," which opened the 50th Annual Chicago Film Festival.
This is a firsthand view of the IHeartRadio show at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on September 19 and 20th.
Mary Robinson spoke at the Union League Club in Chicago about her years as President of Ireland in conjunction with the publication of her new book, and I was there.
A firsthand look at the Sydney Opera House and its origins from a recent tourist who visited there, with the history of its construction included.
This is a firsthand look at sand sculpting as a career, gleaned from meeting the World's Foremost Sand Sculptor in Australia in 2013.
A look at where wealth is going and why unions are fading in importance.
A personal perspective on the past, present and future of NASA (the National Aeronautics and Space Administration.)
Some history on the world-wide flu epidemic in light of current viral outbreaks.
A typical stop by the Wienermobile drivers in Davenport, Iowa.
A look back at a health crisis faced by George Clooney in the past.
Is it a good idea or a bad idea to sell parking rights in order to bail out your bankrupt city?
This is a remembrance of where I was on 9/11 and what I did, afterwards, to help.
This is an examination of the background of Chelsea Clinton's husband, Marc Mezvinsky, detailing how his father fell from prominence and giving facts about her husband's famous celebrity mother.
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